Our Vision

To be the first and best choice for passionate businesses to succeed and prosper.

Our Mission

To sustain, diversify and grow Frederick County’s vibrant economy by providing leadership and resources for businesses to start, locate and expand.

Our Purpose 

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development serves as the primary contact for businesses to start, locate and expand. We do this by connecting them with Federal, State and local resources. We assist in site selection, workforce recruitment and training, incentives, marketing and more.

Identifying agriculture, manufacturing, bioscience and technology as target industries, we create a business environment that’s stable and growth-oriented. Our $12-billion-dollar economy speaks to our strengths. Boasting a qualified workforce and a speed to market that’s unrivaled, we expedite permitting and occupancy, accelerating the timeline for success. Featuring competitive business costs and no business personal property tax, Frederick County offers value and vision. From diversity initiatives to infrastructure, talent development to business support, our community shapes where we go and how we grow.

Our Brand

As the intermediary between the business community, the government and business partners, it is imperative that the Frederick County Office of Economic Development’s (FCOED) brand reflects our intentional approach to economic development.

Between 2001 and 2018, Frederick County experienced tremendous growth. Private employment in Frederick County grew by 26%, outpacing job growth anywhere in Maryland and in the U.S. Meanwhile, our target industries were becoming more innovative and sophisticated, making strategic market positioning critical.

To firmly understand our market position, we commissioned the Jacob France Institute to evaluate our strengths. In 2018, The Growth Opportunity (GO) Strategy identified workforce development, infrastructure planning, targeted industry growth and branding as focus areas. The GO strategy elevated Frederick County to a national and international level, with companies such as Kroger/Ocado, Kite Pharma, Ellume and Quantum Loophole choosing the County for their new location.

To further position the County competitively, the brand process needed to be thoughtful and comprehensive. We enlisted the feedback of citizens, businesses, higher education partners, municipal employees and community stakeholders to ensure that our identity would reflect our shared vision. The resulting identity materials elevate our offering, helping us engage prospective businesses, advance existing businesses and increase the talented workforce in Frederick County. 

Our new tagline, Where Passion Drives Progress, communicates the depth of our commitment to Frederick County. Our new mission and vision statements articulate our purposeful approach to economic development. At FCOED, we lead with passion. We’re driven to improve the prosperity of community businesses and the quality of life for our citizens.

The graphic elements of our brand articulate our values. Our logo is bold and modern, mirroring our energy and vision. Our color palette is warm and sophisticated. We hope you embrace our new look and share our optimism for Frederick County’s future.

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