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Frederick, Maryland is a highly strategic location in the Washington metropolitan area and offers an enticing mix of site opportunities, water and energy infrastructure, tax advantages and a business environment with lower operating costs when compared to the region. 

An advantage to choosing Frederick County is the strategic location. Being adjacent to Loudoun County, it is about 30 miles or less than one millisecond by fiber to Ashburn. Other advantages include proven fast track permitting for priority development processes, tax exemptions and a dedicated team to manage data center projects. 


Frederick County has a long history of zero business personal property tax. This local exemption covers the items a business uses and owns for day-to-day operations – such as furniture, tools, computers and more – reducing the overall cost of doing business when compared to other regional areas.  

Fast Track Permitting expedites projects through the development process while adhering to all established standards, resulting in cost savings during the planning phase of the project. The County understands the critical timing associated with data center projects and assigns an ombudsman to assist the Company’s development team through the permitting process to ensure a smooth and coordinated process.  For projects of significant impact and investment, the County’s Turbo Fast Track process is even more streamlined.

In 2020 the Maryland General Assembly approved legislation to exempt from sales and use tax qualified data center personal property. The Data Center Maryland Sales and Use Tax Exemption Incentive Program became effective July 1, 2020 and as part of this new economic development incentive, data centers that locate or expand in Maryland and create new, full-time jobs can receive an exemption from the state sales and use tax for up to 20 years. 

Utilities and Infrastructure

Frederick County is serviced by Potomac Edison, a FirstEnergy company, and has a well-networked 230 KV transmission system.  Some rate structures reward users that have a high Load Factor and a consistent load curve. Within the capital region, Frederick County offers lower average commercial electricity rates, approximately 55% less than the Maryland average rate and 53% less than the national average rate. 

The majority of Frederick County is serviced by Ballenger McKinney wastewater treatment plant, which uses membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology to treat wastewater with long distance conveyance systems in place that can offer lower cost non-potable water for large process water users, as an alternative to purchasing potable water. 



Many large data centers already call Frederick County home.

Social Security Administration
The data center is responsible for maintaining earnings and benefits information for nearly every American worker, processing 75 million transactions per day.  The building was constructed to use 30 percent less energy than the typical data center with LED lighting, a dedicated substation and an efficient heating and cooling system.



Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae regional data center is a 220,000 sf data center facility that received Fast Track Permitting. With 90,000 sf of office space, a 60,000 sf data center, and a 70,000 sf MEP facility. The facility was designed with redundant utility feeds including electrical, water, and telecommunications. The Fannie Mae Data center was one of the first data centers in the country to receive LEED certification.


Featured Properties

Quantum Loophole

This 2,200 acre site is the largest parcel of contiguous commercially zoned, mixed-use site in the Washington/Baltimore region. A significant power asset of this area is the Doubs Substation which is one of the largest transmission 500KV interconnections in the Mid-Atlantic area. There is a dual service system of twin 230KV. Domestic water supply is via an 18” water line to site and natural gas and fiber lines also run through the site.

Quantum Loophole Data Center Infrastructure - Land, Power, Fiber, Water from Oren Wool on Vimeo.

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  • Rich Paul-Hus – VP of Business Development
  • Sylvia Kang – VP of Real Estate


This property is approximately 88 acres with 67 zoned (LI) Limited Industrial and is located in Urbana at Dr. Perry Road.  

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