Business Incubation

Frederick County Innovative Technology Center, Inc

Start-up companies prosper in Frederick County thanks in part to resources like the County’s first technology incubator, the Frederick County Innovative Technology Center, Inc (FITCI). FITCI’s mission is to encourage technological innovation and accelerate the development of commercially viable technology-based businesses by providing a nurturing and supportive environment.

FITCI is one of about 1,400 business incubators across the United States. Business incubators drastically reduce the risk of small business failures by providing entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to create a solid business foundation.

FITCI supports early stage Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Renewable Energy start-up companies by offering office and wet lab space, business services, and strategic support to local entrepreneurs.

FITCI has two locations – 4359 Metropolitan Court, Frederick, MD 21704 to serve bioscience companies and a dedicated tech incubator at 118 N. Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701.

FITCI Success Stories

WGS SYSTEMS, LLC provides services to United States intelligence, military, and homeland security organizations as a premier developer of integrated surveillance and reconnaissance systems on manned and unmanned airborne, ground, surface, and man-packable platforms. They offer engineering and scientific support, program and project management, engineering management, contracting management, business development and training. WGS Systems has received  several awards, most recently 2010 Firm of the year, 2009 small business of the year and 2009 Maryland Incubator Company of the year– Homeland Security.
WGS started at FITCI in 2008 with 3 partners and has grown to over 26 employees.  WGS Systems has acquired over 10,000 square feet of space in a Frederick County office park.

AKONNI BIOSYSTEMS is a private corporation that is developing and commercializing novel microarray-based systems that rapidly and economically analyze complex samples such as those used to diagnose diseases in near point-of-care and centralized medical settings and in immigrant screening or analysis of materials in industrial manufacturing processes.  One primary use of their products will be to provide low cost, rapid, and comprehensive testing for diseases at a doctor's office — often during the patient's visit. Presently, Akonni Biosystems has over 20 patents issued, with over 30 patent applications pending around the World. 
Akonni Biosystems started with 3 employees at FITCI’s Hood College location and has now grown to over 36 employees. They are currently renting 20,000 square feet of office space in downtown Frederick and have received institutional investments totaling over $17 million.