Dare to Sell with Persuasive Stories

One of the finest ways to communicate and persuade a prospect to buy your ideas, products or services is through the use of persuasive stories. When this is done strategically, you can engage, connect and empower in a way that is subtle, but powerful. You know the best part? Stories are non-invasive!

Psychologists and neuroscientists agree that storytelling is one of the best ways to emotionally connect and move people to take action. The key is to choose the right story in building rapport and helping your customers to remember you. It is worth-remembering that not every random story will work. You have to choose the stories that generate likability, credibility and above all, profitability. If you want to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing, then this workshop if for you.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Where to find relatable stories to use in building your business
  • The framework for structuring your persuasive stories
  • How to master the metaphors in touching your prospects emotionally
  • The components of a good story
  • The four science-based elements of unforgettable stories
  • How to humanize and humorize your stories to connect

About Our Presenter: Gideon F. For-mukwai is an award-winning speaker and best selling author of the book, “The Science of Story Selling,” an Amazon 2015 Bestseller. He’s been featured in The Boston Globe, Wall Street Select Journal, The Daily Astorian and other international publications/media in USA and Singapore.

Over the last 12 years, he has presented training programs for executives from organizations such as U.S. Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, Morrison University, Sierra Arts, Shell Eastern Petroleum, and the National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC).

Gideon is the creator of the Story DNA Method, that combines both the art and science of storytelling in telling stories that captivate, connect and uplift across cultures.

He currently works a corporate trainer and moonlights as a doctoral student specializing transformational learning in organizations. So far, Gideon has presented in 19 countries and 15 US States. As a little boy growing up in Africa, Gideon was very mischievous. Today, his mother is very pleased that her little boy did not end up in deep trouble.

*Intended Audience: Start-Up, Growth

Cost: $35.00
Register online: https://marylandwbc.org/event/dare-to-sell-with-persuasive-stories-montgomery-county-2/

  • September 17, 2019 / 1:00 PM — September 17, 2019 / 4:00 PM
  • Women's Business Center
  • 118 N. Market Street Lower Level Frederick, MD 21701
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